Romance with a Bite

Jump into the paranormal Romance world

As a Paranormal Romance Reader have you ever wondered...

🐺"Why can’t I find more Paranormal Romance readers to hang out with!?"

🐺"Where are all the Paranormal Romance Readers!?"

🐺"Why can't there be a safe community for both Paranormal Romance Readers and Authors!?"

Well now there is! Shifter Central is the community created just for you!

What is Shifter Central?

Shifter Central is an online community of Paranormal Romance Readers and Authors created by Jules Crisare, Paranormal Romance author of sexy shifter stories, and Cassandra Vandehey, Paranormal Romance reader and all around amazing person. Shifter Central's mission is to provide a safe place for both readers and authors to interact with each other. 

🐺 Shifter Central is a dedicated community that supports all its members.

🐺 Shifter Central is a SAFE PLACE to share your thoughts, ideas, lows, and highs. It is a NO-DRAMA and JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE.

🐺 Shifter Central may not be for every Paranormal Romance reader or author, but if you are looking for a safe community away from social media, then Shifter Central is for you!

Community is the most important thing about Shifter Central!

Come visit and stay for as long as you want.

Finding your next favorite book is great, but a community where you can share it and discover more great books is even better. Share book recommendations, the latest book news and deals, or the latest dad joke. What did the plate say to the other plate? Lunch is on me!

Are you tired of joining author groups but missing out on half the posts?

Forget about Facebook deciding what you should see!

How many Facebook groups have you joined that promises access to authors, but the only posts from authors are asking you to buy their books? You join group after group, expecting something different, but Facebook fills your feed with ads instead. Or worse, Facebook doesn't show you a post because it thinks you don't want to see it.

The days of a program deciding what you want to see is over!

Your community is waiting for you!

What value can you put on TRUE connections with readers and authors who celebrate Paranormal Romance with you? We’re not just building a community here, we’re building a pack...and we want you to join us!

🐺  Readers deserve a safe spaceWe believe that readers deserve a safe place to discuss books without worrying about an author sending an army of fans against them. We created Shifter Central as a safe space for readers (and authors).

🐺 Privacy is important. Shifter Central has all the connectivity of Facebook with the security of a private membership site. Nothing posted inside Shifter Central can be shared outside Shifter Central. You can share freely, without the fear of your posts being shared.

🐺 No Ads. No spam. Just a fun community to meet with other readers who like the same kinds of books you do.

🐺 No algorithms. YOU decide what you see. You decide what topics or members to follow and what packs you want to join. You decide what shows up in your feed. choose what you want to see.

🐺 Access to authors. Shifter Central is like a virtual book signing that never ends. Authors engage with readers. Readers and authors come together to share book news and silly stories about our lives. Find authors new to you or reminisce with old favorites.

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